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Nepenthes (viking x sumatrana) x boschiana


Photos taken 2/2/24
6+ Inch Leaf-span
Free Shipping & Heat Pack
USPS Priority / UPS 3-Day
Ships Bare-root
Seed Grown
82-88°F Day / 71-75°F Night
Above 80%
Equal parts long-fiber sphagnum moss / coarse perlite (No fertilized products such as Miracle-Gro brand)
Keep the soil damp using only R/O or distilled water.
Bright, indirect light
T5/LED Grow Lights
Lightly mist leaves with MaxSea fertilizer (1/4tsp / 1 gallon) 1-2x per month. (May not be necessary if your plant is able to naturally feed in your environment)
No dormancy required


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