Plant Care


Once you receive your Nepenthes it is important to provide an extra level of care to reduce the effects of shipping stress.

**Failure to properly acclimate a freshly imported plant will cause additional stress and could prove catastrophic for your plant and your wallet.**  (All freshly imported inventory will be listed as Pre-Order)


Be sure to pot your plant(s) in a well-draining pot right away. The soil mixture we use is equal parts UNTREATED perlite / long-fiber sphagnum moss

  • Make sure to water your plant thoroughly after potting to help rehydrate your new arrival. Use only RO or distilled water.
  • Provide high humidity; this can be achieved by using a humidity dome, or by placing the plant, potted, into a clear bag – slowly acclimate your plant to a humidity above 85% (depending on the needs of the plant ie; lowland, highland, etc) After 1-2 weeks, begin acclimation by poking a pencil-size hole in the bag every other day until the plant reaches your growing conditions.
  • Reduced lighting – take it easy on your new arrivals by acclimating them over the course of a week to your lighting conditions.
  • Pitcher / Leaf die-off is an unfortunate side-effect of importing/shipping plants – please make sure to follow the acclimation guide above to minimize stress to the plant.
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